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Guidelines by Orvista has two components: a Document Management System (DMS) and an associated Guideline App.

Document Management System

The DMS sits within the organisation. It takes any document and tags it with an author, review date and cycle as well as other useful information.

This document can then be pushed to wherever the organisation needs it to be viewed. This can include the existing organisation intranet, an external internet site, and of course, Orvista’s Guideline App

The DMS has a number of other useful features which makes it indispensable:

Inbuilt Editor

An inbuilt editor allows authorised users, such as a consultant in charge of specific guidelines, edit, review and authorise documents from the cloud. No more emailing multiple versions of documents around colleagues. 

Inbuilt Reminders

Documents are tagged with review dates and cycles. The DMS can send out email reminders to responsible persons when documents are due for review. Emails escalate up the hierarchy until action is taken. 

Push Notifications

Inform mobile users of important information instantly. New set of guidelines clinicians should view? Let them know. National shortage of Piperacillin-Tazobacam necessitating a change in antibiotic prescriptions? Let them know. 

Guideline App

The Orvista Guideline App is a smartphone app available for iOS and Android devices. With smartphone owernership higher than ever and continuing to rise, the vast majority of healthcare professionals have access to one. 

Let them use their smartphones to access the information they need to do their job. 

The App contains a number of useful features:


Not every clinician is the same. Allow users to customise their app to their individual need by favouriting documents and policy which are most relavent to their day to day job.

Powerful search

Don’t just search for documents, search within them in order to pinpoint exactly what someone wants to find.

Always up to date

Check for the latest documents when opening the app to ensure only accurate, up to date information is accessible. 

This system can help healthcare organisations achieve and exceed their responsibilities and expectations in the from of clinical governance, corporate governance and risk management. See some examples below:

Risk Management

Accross healthcare organisations like yours, hundreds, if not thousands of documents are accessible to clinicians and other healthcare professionals. They rely on them to find out the latest drug doses, treatment pathways and everything inbetween.

Current processes to review and update these documents are dated, laborious or neglected. This has the potential to mean out of date, incorrect information is being accessed and actioned upon.

In two major NHS trusts, an average of 49% of audited documents were out of date (53.7% & 44.7% respectively). Patients and staff we’re placed at risk due to poor document management practices.

Orvista’s Document Management System will safeguard from such failures by tagging each document with review dates, cycles and responsible authors. It will then remind them when these documents are due for review. 

Efficiency Savings

Healthcare professionals may spend hours a week trying to find information they need to do their job. As well as wasting vital clinical time, it’s incredibly frustrating. 

Orvista’s user friendly, easy to use smartphone app for iOS and Android devices saves time and effort when trying to find this information.  Being able to search for documents, as well as the content within them all from the palm of a clinians hand reduces wasted clinical time.

An example based on a real NHS trust calculated savings of 55,000+ clinical hours which equated to over £1,000,000.

Improved Outcomes

There’s a tremendous amount of evidence that following guidelines and protocol improves outcomes in medicine as well as other industries. For example, a discharge check list for patients with heat failure reduced readmission rates from 20% to 2% in the first month of discharge. 

Reducing barriers to accessing guidelines and policy will increase their use in your organisation. A study in a major NHS trust showed that clinicians are more likely to access more guidelines, more of the time. 

This will translate to a reduction in the variation of patient care, patients getting the most appropriate treater, sooner. This will also translate to efficiency savings though reduced length of stay and increased satisfaction. 



Orvista’s Document Management System’s comprehensive tracking features ensures any changes to documents by authorised individuals are captured. 

Information such as when a change was made, who performed it and what the actual change was is automatically captured and logged ready for viewing when needed.

Automation of the process removes this loborious task from individuals and frees their time up for other work. 

“Good Idea and would like to have it in my Trust”

National Junior Doctors Presentation Day 2018 Feedback

“Think it is really useful especially when on the go or on call where finding guidelines on a computer can be limiting”

National Junior Doctors Presentation Day 2018 Feedback

“Hopefully something that can be rolled out in other trusts”

National Junior Doctors Presentation Day 2018 Feedback

“Wish my trust had this!”

National Junior Doctors Presentation Day 2018 Feedback

“Will make life a lot easier for your fellow doctors”

National Junior Doctors Presentation Day 2018 Feedback

“Innovative! Helpful app. An idea that ought to be followed but other hospital trusts”

National Junior Doctors Presentation Day 2018 Feedback

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