For the Clinician 

Find what you need to do your job, quickly. 

Working in healthcare, you require a remarkable amount of information in order to do your job. From finding out how to register for parking before starting your first day, to reminding yourself the paediatric dose of paracetamol, you’re never far away from needing to access information. 


At present this information is usually tucked away on the trust intranet, unable to be accessed outside of work, or printed off and left somewhere for you to find- or not. 


It’s not unusual for staff to google drug doses and guidelines, or just not bother.

Guidelines by Orvista assists healthcare professionals in their daily grind by taking existing guidelines, policy and other useful information and making it available on their smartphone. The Guidelines App makes finding the information you need to do your job quicker, more convenient and stress free. 

See how we can work with your healthcare organisation so, you and your colleagues have all the local documents, policy and guidelines which a relevant to you, in the palm of your hand. 

A number of handy features are built into the app to make your working life easier.

Powerful Search

Use the search bar to find the documents and policy you need. Search for, and withi. Smart tagging of documents makes it easier to find things.


Personalise your app by favouriting your commonly used documents, policy and even categories. Find them quickly using the favourites tab.


With push notifications, never miss out on the latest news. Be informed of guideline updates, hospital news and other important information. Tazocin shortage again? You heard it here first.

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